Sunshine ! (At last)

Its amazing what a great spell of weather can do here in Donegal Town. With temperatures peaking at over 20c here yesterday the town was alive and buzzing. From the motorcyclists gathering on The Diamond to the children from Mountcharles who had made their confirmation, everyone was full of the joys of spring.

We, on the Donegal Bay Waterbus, had a fantastic sailing at 5pm with tickets selling right up to sailing time. Many of the passengers were part of the new Jim White Tours series from Germany who enjoyed their irish Coffees from the bar.

The upper viwing deck was the place to be yesterday as the sun beamed for the duration of the trip. Visitors from as far away as Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Rome, Chicago and a couple from Melbourne soaked up the sun and the sights and joined in the singing on the return leg of the trip.

It”s such a pity we can”t guarentee current weather conditions all the time. We can but dream I suppose. As I sit here in the ticket office today the weather is once again gorgeous and ticket sales are brisk. Old and young alike seem to around town again today and with the 5.30pm sailing fast approaching it looks like its going to be another excellent crowd on board.

Next time you are in town drop in and say Hi and check out what time we are sailing. It”s amazing how many people from this small island of Ireland have rarely been on a boat where they can view the beautiful shoreline, wildlife and history we have to offer.

Better go here as more customers have just walked in to buy tickets…. a sailors life is a hard one 😉