Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we are  asked by intending passengers.


What time does the waterbus sail?

Donegal Town Harbour & Donegal Bay are tidal and as such the we are restricted to sailing when the there is enough water depth. This means that each days sailing times are different and the number of sailings varies also. For sailing times which are updated on a regular basis please click here.

How long does a cruise last ?

Cruises last for one hour and fifteen minutes. (75 minutes)

How many passengers are on each cruise ?

The waterbus has a capacity of 160 passengers

Where do I get my tickets ?

Tickets are available ONLY from the waterbus office on Quay Street in Donegal Town. The office is the white & blue cottage type building next to Doms Pier 1 Bar & Restaurant.

Can I use my credit card to purchase  tickets ?

Yes. Credit cards may be used for the purchase of tickets in the waterbus ticket office.

Please Note Credit Cards are NOT yet accepted onboard the waterbus itself

Can I reserve tickets by phone ?

Yes. Tickets can be reserved over the phone but must be picked up and paid for in full at least 1 hour prior to the sailing time. Tickets not picked up in this time frame will be re-sold. Booking office number is  074 97 23666

When can we board the waterbus ?

The waterbus WILL sail exactly at its schedules time. Because of tidal restrictions and the schedules of groups on each sailing we can not delay a departure for any reason. Boarding commences 15 minutes prior to the advertised departure time. Passengers are advised that queues form for each sailing so being at the pier 30 minutes prior to the departure time may be advisable.

Is the waterbus wheelchair accessible ?

The waterbus is fully wheelchair accessible and friendly. There are disabled toilet facilities on board also.

Will we see seals ?

The seal colony is visible on most cruises but once again due to the tidal nature of Donegal Bay we cannot guarantee the seals will be laying out on every trip. Seals do appear in the waters around the waterbus on every trip. We usually suggest that parents do not promise their children they will see seals to avoid disappointment.

Can I take a pram on board ?

Buggies are permitted on each cruise but this is dependent  on the number of passengers travelling and the number of other prams/wheelchairs etc on the cruise. Storage is available on the quay and sometimes on board for prams etc when large numbers are sailing.

 Is food & drink served on board ?

There is a fully stocked bar on board the waterbus serving soft drinks, beers, wines & spirits. Tea, coffee, biscuits, crisps and ice creams are also available. Please DO NOT bring your own food or drink on board without prior arrangement with management.

Is the tour suitable for non-English speaking passengers ?

At present there are guides available for €1 each in German & French which detail the points shown by our guide on the outward journey. Other languages will be added to this shortly.

Can I bring my dog on the trip ?

Yes. Dogs are permitted to travel on Donegal Bay Waterbus but must be kept on a leash at all times and are not permitted on the top viewing deck. Some sailing maybe unsuitable for dogs due to passenger numbers and/or other dogs already booked on board.

Under what circumstances will a sailing be cancelled ?

A sailing can be cancelled for two reasons. Firstly, if weather conditions are deemed to be unsuitable for sailing we will not sail. This decision is taken by the captain and may be taken at anytime up to the sailing time. Secondly, a minimum number of passengers is required to make a sailing viable. Should this number not be reached by sailing time that sailing will be cancelled. Full refunds will be issued at time of cancellation only. Refunds cannot be given after the date of cancellation.