The Donegal Feeling

As we sail out into Donegal Bay each day I look at the coastline stretching away from us and can”t help but think “What”s that feeling I am feeling right now?”

You’re on the road to the Donegal Feeling

I don”t think any piece every written or to be written can ever capture the full beauty, attraction and uniqueness that is Donegal. No marketing campaign could ever fully promote all that it has to offer to its residents and its visitors.

Indeed, in writing this little piece I know full well that I will manage to miss out many, many noteworthy locations, attractions and things to do.

Breath the Sea Air & get The Donegal Feeling

From Malin on the Inishowen peninsula in the north to Bundoran”s miles of sandy beaches in the south, Donegal has its own unique warmth, atmosphere and “taste” about it. A marketing slogan from a few years back came closest, I think, to what Donegal is all about… “Up here its Different” …. and it is. It”s The Donegal Feeling

There is only really one way to know what Donegal is like and that is to come here. Don”t come with any preconcieved ideas of that is going to greet you, just arrive and let the county, its atmosphere, its scenery and its people guide you.

Whether you stay in a 5 star luxury hotel or in a self catering cottage in the middle of nowhere the feeling you will get is exactly the same…  Contentment. You know that feeling you get when you slide into a bath with water that is just the right temperature? Well imagine that feeling washing over you as you walk on a hill, a village street, a beach or relax with a quiet drink in a cosy pub. That”s The Donegal Feeling.

I think he’s got The Donegal Feeling


Don”t get me wrong, Donegal can be as lively as you want to make it with fantastic nightlife or exilerating water sports. If galloping across miles of open sand on a fine horse its your idea of heaven we can gladly catering for your Donegal Feeling.

As transport links improve and access to a little corner of the world becomes easier I really hope that many, many more people discover us and maybe someone will be able to write a piece that explains The Donegal Feeling.

Though I do get the feeling that it is one of those rare things that can never really be put into words and if a picture speaks a thousand words it would take all the paintings in all the art galleries in the world to scatch the surface of The Donegal Feeling.

So…. what are you waiting for get up here and feel Donegal for yourself